House Affordability Improving in Some Parts of Canada

(April 20, 2016)

Montreal house prices have become the most affordable in a decade. Calgarys percentage of income needed for a monthly payment is not at an all time low. However for Vancouver and Toronto are a different story, they are the most expensive real estate and the percentage of income required is very close to the top of range in recent years. Apparently the time required to accumulate a minimum down pay... read more.

Exterior Spring (Cleaning) Tips

(March 15, 2016)

Change Outdoor Bulbs - Clean all light fixtures, and replace burnt-out bulbs with energy-saving CFL bulb
Give Your Door Some Love - Restore the luster of your door by polishing the hinges and knobs, paint or stain the door with a color that stands out, yet also complements the trim and siding, put out a clean, new welcome mat -- and make sure the doorbell works.Repair the Walkway - Snow and cold ca... read more.

Dryer Vents

(January 20, 2016)

Clean the dryer vents once a year as more than 15,000 fires per year start in this area.

Homeowner Grants

(January 06, 2016)

B.C. homeowner grant threshold increases this year.  Homes up to $1,200,000 may be able to get full grant, while you may only get a partial grant for your home if it's over that amount.  Learn more at

Winterizing Your Home

(November 16, 2015)

It is getting to be that time of year once again.  Here are a few ideas that could you save time and money:

  • Cleaning gutters & downspouts
  • Replacing your furnace filter
  • Disconnecting hoses from outside taps & turning off the water 
  • Insulating any outdoor pipes or taps
  • Checking doors & windows for gaps will help save costs
  • Caulking or weatherstripping around problem areas such as doors or windows
  • Covering po... read more.