August Real Estate Sales

(September 06, 2015)

About 580 townhouses (up 18.7% over the last year), 1500 condos (up 32.7%), and 1300 houses (up 11.4%) were sold in the month of August in Greater Vancouver.

As for the lowest "benchmark price" New Westminster is at about $413,000 and the highest is West Vancouver at about $1,990,400.

10,897 active listings and 4,281 new listings. read more.

Tips For Selling a Vacant Home

(August 22, 2015)

It's not necessarily a bad thing to sell a vacant home, its a blank space for the potential buyers to see if there's any cracks or dents in parts of the house that may be usually covered by furniture.

Tip: if your home does have cracks or blemishes throughout the house, try taking some paint or whatever it needs to be fixed up or repaired before putting your home on the market.

Buyers love a clean h... read more.

Vancouver House Prices to Rise 9.4% in 2015

(July 15, 2015)

Comparing to 2014, 2015 housing prices will rise 9.4%. 

In 2015's second quarter the average price on a detached home in Vancouver was $1,368,125 this was up 13.6% comparing to the same time last year.
Condos have only increased about 6% over the year to $521,425. 
Vancouver is a highly desired place to live, with the amount of buyers and lack of inventory on the market right now, the market is in the... read more.

How To Buy a Property In a Hot Market

(July 05, 2015)

  • Be educated: Talk to a realtor for any questions you may have about buying a home, and if you are looking to invest understand what the current market demand is, current inventory, how fast homes are selling, list versus sell price, frequency of multiple offers, and rental-related information.
  • Be sure your finances are in order: In a potential multiple offer situation there may be times when you ha... read more.

For Sale By Owner

(June 28, 2015)

In the event you wish to sell your own home, be sure to consider these facts first:

Inviting Strangers Into Your Home: When advertising your home on FSBO websites you risk having strangers that may not have a realtor representing them as well as you not having a realtor to represent you to be there during the showings.

Exposure:  FSBO websites are available when selling your own home but most buyers... read more.