Stay cool - well at least cooler!

(March 04, 2014, posted in Home Improvement)

It's hard to believe right now, but once the sun shows up regularly, we are going to have to find ways to stay cool. If you're not lucky enough to have air conditioning, here's some ways to help that don't require any extra expense.

- Remember, your appliances all generate heat so if you need to use them (washing machine, dishwasher) try to use them later in the evening or at night when it's a bit... read more.

What is a Depreciation Report?

(March 04, 2014, posted in Property Value)

By providing the strata corporation with a summary of current deficiencies, future projected capital expenditures, and costs for maintenance of each component Depreciation Reports help Strata Corporations, including bare-land strata corporations, plan for repair, maintenance and replacement of common property, limited common property and common assets over a 30 year period. As well, the depreciati... read more.

What Does the Depreciation Report mean for Home Owners

(March 04, 2014, posted in Property Value)

The Provincial Government introduced mandatory Depreciation Reports to the Strata Property Act with the goal of improving the on-going upgrade, repair, maintenance process in BC by providing transparency and clarity for Strata Lot purchasers and owners alike. The complete scope of effects on the residential resale market will differ from building to building but looking at other provinces that hav... read more.

Energy and Water Saving Tips for Your Condo

(March 04, 2014, posted in Home Improvement)

Energy costs and growing concerns about the environment are prompting many Canadians to try to reduce the amount of energy and water they use. Cutting down on your energy use can also help you save money, whether you pay your utility bills directly or through your rent or condominium fees.

If you live in an apartment or condo, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers the following tips... read more.

Gas Fireplaces

(March 04, 2014, posted in Home Improvement)

Nothing is nicer on a cold winter night than curling up beside a warm fire. Gas fireplaces can offer a clean burning option with a convenient click of a button. A recent survey of household energy use found that 23 per cent of Canadian single- and semi-detached and row-housing reported having a gas fireplace and of those, 22 per cent reported using them every day once the temperatures dip. Dependi... read more.