Winterizing Your Home

(November 16, 2015)

It is getting to be that time of year once again.  Here are a few ideas that could you save time and money:

  • Cleaning gutters & downspouts
  • Replacing your furnace filter
  • Disconnecting hoses from outside taps & turning off the water 
  • Insulating any outdoor pipes or taps
  • Checking doors & windows for gaps will help save costs
  • Caulking or weatherstripping around problem areas such as doors or windows
  • Covering po... read more.

Canada Ranked Most Tolerant Country

(November 03, 2015)

Also on this list we are the #1 out of 142 in terms of Personal Freedom.  We are 6th overall on the Properity end which is based on Economy, Education, Health, Safety, Security, Entrepreneurship & Opportunity, and Governance.

Client Carvings. 

(November 02, 2015)

We hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! A clilent of ours sent us these photos of pumpkin carvings she did and we thought they were awesome! Thanks for the photos Pam and we look forward to next year!