Posted on Apr 03, 2018

EARTH DAY IS AROUND THE CORNER and we are looking to spread the message to how the community can help save Earth Day. To do this, we want you and our neighbours to send a photo or drawing of how you help the Earth.
Whether a big or small act, it all counts.
 To spice things up, the best photo with the most votes will win $250 dollars. Also, for eve...

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Need a Notary/Lawyer? Make Sure to Ask These Questions.

Posted on Feb 16, 2018

Most people will hire a lawyer or notary to handle the conveyancing when selling or purchasing a property. Our experience has shown us that sometimes the quotes over a phone call or email correspondence don't always reveal the actual costs of their services. Here's a look at what is involved when budgeting for your next move and questions you can a...

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Condo To House. Now Is the Time!

Posted on Feb 01, 2018

Lack of condo inventory and a steady increase in the prices of apartments and townhouses throughout the Tri Cities lately may present an opportunity for people wishing to finally make the move from strata to a single family detached home. I can't remember the last time I've seen this small of a gap between single family homes and apartments/townhou...

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January Market Update (Tri Cities)

Posted on Jan 23, 2018

January market remains busy, especially for apartment and townhouses in Coquitlam, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam. 
There's still a lot of competing offers on new listings that are priced properly. The "Active to Sale" ratio-how many places are selling vs how many are listed is still quiet high. 
The single-family market is a little slower. Overall, we...

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Ban On Foreign Buyers

Posted on Jan 10, 2018

There's been a lot of speculation regarding the increasing real estate prices in Greater Vancouver lately, and now Andrew Weaver, BC Green Leader, is suggesting a ban on foreign buyers altogether.
I've read articles stating there may be an over emphasis on the amount of foreign money coming in and how it actually isn't driving t...

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1 Essential When Choosing a Realtor®

Posted on Dec 13, 2017

Saw this joke the other day, and got me thinking:

A police officer pulled over someone for speeding.
Police Officer: May I see your real estate licence please.
Driver: You mean my driver's licence? 
Police Officer: No, not everyone in Vancouver has one of those...

So many agents, so many options. If I were to quit selling real estate, and needed to hire...

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