Is Real Estate a Good Investment?

(March 15, 2015)

Real estate as an investment is more comfortable rather than stocks, when owning a piece of real estate you are the primary owner. With owning your own property you can do as you please, but when owning a stock you are a minority in a company that you have little to no say in how the company runs, but when owning your own piece of property you have all the say. Even in a down market for real estat... read more.

Vancouver Real Estate Prices Don't Compare Internationally

(March 08, 2015)

Vancouver recently started a real estate and development panel called RED Talks.

In the first discussion it was on topic about Vancouver's high real estate prices, but how they didn't seem as expensive when compared internationally. London, Moscow, Palm Beach, and Beverly Hills are also noted as some of the cities with the more expensive real estate. As of 2015, the most expensive home in Vancouver... read more.