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Making Your Home Greener in 5 Small Steps

1) Location: having your home in a central location where you have the luxury to be able to walk to work, the grocery store, or schools and it saves you gas, the earth, and you get exercise out of it.

2) Light: Change your light bulbs in your home. 15% of your energy bill is just from your lights. Choose a more cost efficient and earth friendly set of light bulbs like LED.

3) Water: An average of 25% of your energy costs goes to hot water. If you buy a low flow shower head and reduce the heat of your shower you are cutting back on that 25% so you're saving yourself money in the long run.

4) Recycle: It's an easy thing that everyone can do. The things you're throwing in your garbage that can be recycled gets thrown into a landfill and does not decompose. If you can recycle you're saving the planet by reducing greenhouse gases.

5) Food: You can make this healthier by growing your own fruits and vegetables if you have your own garden, by doing this you are reducing the shipping of food from around the world. If you buy locally you're also doing the same thing and you're supporting local farmers and eating organic.

Reducing your footprint at home with these small steps is easy. There's many ways you can help our planet in any way that you can and earth will show you gratitude by staying beautiful and green.