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Tips For Selling a Vacant Home

It's not necessarily a bad thing to sell a vacant home, its a blank space for the potential buyers to see if there's any cracks or dents in parts of the house that may be usually covered by furniture.
Tip: if your home does have cracks or blemishes throughout the house, try taking some paint or whatever it needs to be fixed up or repaired before putting your home on the market.

Buyers love a clean home so seeing it empty with no one else's clutter is a good thing to see when viewing a home.
Tip: to make a vacant home feel a little homier hang a few art pieces, and maybe some flowers in the kitchen or even just a tidy well made bed in just the master bedroom can make all the difference.
Tip: there is advancing technology for virtual staging to allow buyers to see what type of furniture they can fit in each space.