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Know or No

I found this article in a national Real Estate newspaper. The stats are taken from the Toronto Real Estate Board, however, I know they are similar throughout most boards   and    markets.Over 65% of agents sell less than 6 homes per year. Almost 20% don't sell a single home. If I were chosing someone to handle the biggest asset I own, I would want someone that has experience and product knowledge. Selling less than 6 homes per year doesn't give you the exposure you need to get the intimate and subtle differences between this house and that house. It's hard to become accurate with pricing in this instance. Is a Buyer paying too much or getting a great deal? Is a Seller underpricing or overpricing a home? Another problem that might occur is if the agent isn't working full time as a Realtor. It would be difficult to survive selling less than 4 homes per year, so I would assume they would have another job. This presents difficulties when Buyer's agents are trying to show the home and can't because of scheduling. Also, "time is of the essence" when an offer comes. Can the person attend and deal with it immediatley? These are questions that should be asked when chosing a Realtor to help you buy or sell a home.