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Top 10 things to do NOW, to get more money when you sell next Spring. 

1)  From experience, when I show a home and you can tell the Seller is organized, it brings a sense of comfort to the Buyer. Having documents available on the kitchen counter shows organization and probably that you take care of your home. Operating manuals for appliances, ANY service bills from furnace/hot water system, sprinkler, and applicable warranties etc…You could include utility bills to show your monthly heating, latest strata documents and so on. Put yourself in a Buyer’s shoes and add thing that might answer any questions.

2) Price out anything that may be on its last legs. Think a Buyer may come back after an inspection and try to renegotiate because the inspector said they’ll have to replace the roof soon? Guaranteed! Get a few quotes, so you can call their overpriced bluff.

3) Curb appeal. You’ve heard it before, but it’s THE cheapest way to make your home more saleable and possibly more money. You can start the joys of landscaping now. Weeding. Shrubs, trees, and planters can all be trimmed up now. Painting (trim and any areas that look like they need it). If you’re unsure, the answer is, they probably do. You’re just used to it! Powerwashing is free/cheap AND makes a home look so much better. A definite must. Scrub the outside of the gutters. Live in a strata? The front door/trim can always be touched up if you ask the strata manager for paint codes.

4) Second BEST/CHEAPEST… Declutter! When in doubt, get rid of it. We offer free decluttering/staging advice with our services, but if you’re doing it yourself just remember less is best. Renting a storage locker is a great alternative to store things and puts the packing process in motion early, saving you time down the road.

5) Interior Paint. Relatively inexpensive, and adds HUGE value. This MAY be the best/cheapest way to sell your home faster and for more money. I can’t make up my mind. Think beige is boring? Perfect! It’s not about what you like anymore, it’s about appealing to the masses.

6) DEEP cleaning. Besides the obvious cleaning, hiring someone to clean your carpets, clean your grout (if light coloured) and re caulk any areas that are coloured and don’t look fresh. Have kids? You may want to wait to closer to the list date to clean the carpets, but the rest can be done earlier.

7) Minor repairs. Fences, driveway cracks, loose downspouts, burnt out lights, leaky faucets, plumbing problems, closet doors that don’t work properly, squeaky doors, window issues, etc…If you think someone might not notice, think again.

8) Pictures. I’ve heard it recommended that you shouldn’t have any personal pictures when you list your house. I disagree. Having a FEW here and there is good. Most Buyers like to make that connection. Pick a few of your faves, and display with pride!

9) If you’ll need to cancel/transfer your mortgage start the conversation with your mortgage broker. Don’t have a mortgage broker? PLEASE, get one! They have a much deeper understanding of the products and options available to you.

10) Talk to a REALTOR now. Good for a few reasons. You’ll get a realistic idea on how much your home is worth. They will offer insightful information on all the tips I’ve touched on above. They may have solutions on whether it’s best for you to buy or sell first. They will be able to keep you up to date with the market between now and when you list it.