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June 2023

Strata Living About To Get More Expensive $$!

Posted on Jun 24, 2023

Get ready for a significant change that will affect strata owners in British Columbia! The BC government has decided to increase the required contributions to the contingency reserve fund for strata corporations. 
Join Greg as he unravels the implications of the increased contribution requirements and shares his valuable insights on how it will impac...

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Should First-Time Buyers WAIT or BUY NOW?

Posted on Jun 21, 2023

Hey, first-time homebuyers! If you're not sure whether to buy now or wait, this video is perfect for you. Greg explains why you should buy now. He'll talk about how the number of houses available affects prices, and right now, there aren't many houses for sale. Even though the market has slowed down a bit, Greg still thinks it's a good idea to buy...

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New First-Time Buyer Property Tax Coming Soon?

Posted on Jun 15, 2023

In this video Greg discusses the latest recommendations by the real estate board of Greater Vancouver to increase the property transfer tax exemption for first-time home buyers! Currently, if you're a first-time buyer purchasing under $500,000, you're exempt from the tax. However, rising home prices have made finding affordable options challenging...

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Cost of Living in Coquitlam

Posted on Jun 08, 2023

Join Greg Axford as he compares living costs in Coquitlam and Vancouver. Coquitlam is a more affordable option just outside of Vancouver. In Coquitlam, you can find cheaper houses, condos, and townhouses compared to Vancouver. Renting is also less expensive in Coquitlam. Other expenses like childcare, dining out, groceries, and leisure activities a...

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What are the 3 BEST Condo Neighbourhoods in Port Coquitlam?

Posted on Jun 03, 2023

Port Coquitlam offers a great variety in amenities. Which neighbourhood best suits you and your budget? There's pros and cons to each of these, but we're certain you'll like any of them! Have further questions? Please reach out! 

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